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Angel on the Green!

As Laurel House prepares for the 14th Annual Tim Salmon Golf Classic, it’s an appropriate time to acknowlege a man who is a giant in stature and heart and is surrounded by professional and personal icons, Wing Lam of Wahoos, Ivo Tjan of Commerce West Bank and William Wang of Vizio. Laurel House is privileged to be part of this amazing circle of support!

I remember the night, like it was yesterday… It was Saturday October 26, 2002. Laurel House was hosting its major fundraiser of the year. Tim Salmon was to be the featured guest. As it turned out, he was a no show… instead, he showed up for the sixth game of the world series and all eyes at the gala event were turned to a big screen TV!

At last year’s golf tournament, I purchased an autographed copy of Tim Salmon’s book, Always an Angel. If you haven’t read it, it’s a fun read. It’s great to look back at a man’s journey of a successful career and family life. But there something else very special about this book. It is a discovery of why Tim does what he does and why Laurel House with its mission to provide a home for teen girls in crisis, to transform lives and to strengthen families is so important to Tim.

Tim, like most of our teen girls knows what it means to come from a divorced family, where life is broken. Of course, with Tim, broken also meant a jaw, teeth, a finger and a nose (on the ball field)!

Part of what resonated with Tim about Laurel House parallels his baseball career and personal philosophy: perseverance, structure, love and support, family modeling to grow and succeed. This is exactly what troubled teens receive when at Laurel House; this, plus counseling with a goal to reunify girls to a healed family.

Something Tim writes in his book is that Marci Salmon, “is more than a wife, she is a partner in life”. I cannot underscore the beauty of this partnership as it has played out in their support of Laurel House as Marci serves on the board!

They are a model couple and family for our teens and an inspiration to our Board and Staff. Tim & Marci may have moved out of the neighborhood where they first began supporting their local charity, but knowing that there is a special place for girls in need of love, support and stability and having seen the lives of young girls turn around one family at a time after having been given a chance at Laurel House, they remain firm in their support.