Welcome to LAUREL HOUSE Providing a Home for Teens in Crisis for 30 Years

God is Watching

Today is a quiet day; a day of introspection after a flurry of Laurel House activity and I am trying to wrap my arms around the end of the year. In the midst of advent season and the anticipation of Christmas day, I can’t help but feel a bit melancholy knowing that in a blink of an eye, 2012 will be one for the memory books. All too soon many of us may be enjoying the warmth of the smoldering embers or perhaps feel emptied.

In a moment of reflection, I feel the heart of Laurel House being surrounded by a year of love and support; growth and transformation.

This year over a dozen troubled, broken teens walked across the threshold of Laurel House. Frightened and seemingly alone, they were always loved and supported; by staff and by each one of you.

Whether you stopped in for a visit, brought a meal or wrote a check; you gave the very best you could. Maybe an act of kindness “seemingly” went unnoticed, but God was watching!

This year several girls returned to their families, stronger and well supported by family and by you! With your loving concern and generosity they walked through the doors at Laurel House with a renewed spirit and confidence. Yes, each one of you who whispered a prayer or lent a hand helped to raise up a Laurel House teen!

We may not always see the pain and the healing, but God does. And sometimes, His work is revealed through the words of a most unsuspecting guest:

“Dear Charlene: Thank you so much for the warm welcome to Laurel House and the amazing life signature it is for our generation. This holy work and great mission is and always should be the greatest inspiration for every person in this world…. Sometimes when we are super busy working we miss the real picture and we forget to celebrate the gift of life we have. So in Short – Laurel House is a gift of life. Shabbat Shalom David T.”

Thank you one and all for sharing in another hope-filled year.

Blessings to you this Christmas season and Wishes for a Gratitude-filled 2013!