Welcome to LAUREL HOUSE Providing a Home for Teens in Crisis for 30 Years

Our House Parent

Word From Our House Parent



When I open the front door at Laurel House, I greet a teen girl whose angry face is unwilling to make eye contact. Behind her stand parents with desperation and fear in their eyes, looking at me intently for hope and encouragement. Welcoming the family in, I say a quiet prayer to the Lord that we may be able to reach this young lady and break the ice she has shielded around her. We tour the house room by room. We start in the kitchen, so warm and welcoming. I share how our dinner table is a gathering place with memories of laughter, baking, learning and family time. On to the living room with its big, comfy couch and television. I share with this family how everything in this home is donated. Laurel House is much more than the physical walls around us. It is supported by the arms of each and every person who gives time, prayer, and financial support. We head down the hallway to show the family the Laurel House bedrooms for the girls. Each girl has added her own touch, hanging posters and pictures that represent her. We move to the den and begin our intake interview. The parents are hanging on our every word with so much hope in their eyes. Their angry daughter sits with her arms folded. We learn about the dynamics of the family and their daughter’s behaviors that lead them to seek our help. I explain that Laurel House is not a place of punishment, but of healing and reconciliation. No matter what brought them to us, forgiveness and a fresh start begin as soon they walk through our doors. After sharing about our program, the reluctant teen accepts our offer of help. Now the journey begins…