Welcome to LAUREL HOUSE Providing a Home for Teens in Crisis for 30 Years

Starting from Scratch

Going through some Laurel House files that date back 25 years, I came across a recipe from a member of the inaugural Board of Directors. The yellow, faded card, “Preparing a Meatloaf Dinner for a Large Family” got me to thinking about the value of traditional meals and starting from scratch.

At the heart of ‘Laurel House’ is the kitchen! At any given evening, you will hear laughter and feel the energy as it spills into the family room with aromas of many splendid things! Donna, our house mom, and the teens prepare dinner, the large dining room table is set and the family of nine sits down to a blessing and bounty!

Teens come to Laurel House for many reasons; troubles at home, problems at school, peer pressure, undiagnosed mental health issues and many times, more serious issues such as physical or sexual abuse. Counseling sessions with licensed therapists, time away from dysfunctional situations and time well spent in a structured and nurturing environment have a long history of proven success for teens and families who fully participate.

Laurel House teens get a fresh start with this “recipe” for success:

  • Teach a pinch of politeness
  • Provide a touch of trust
  • Offer a cup of care
  • Add two parts of cooperation
  • A dash of determination

Put to the test, this recipe is tried and true. Laurel House teens do not erase the past, but heal the wounds and ultimately are stronger and healthier.